B-1 – Business Visitor


The business visitor (B-1) visa allows foreign businessmen to enter the United States for a brief period in order to conduct limited business activities.



The B-1 visa does not require a pre-approved visa petition by the Immigration and Naturalization service. The foreign businessman may apply in person at the nearest U.S. consulate. This visa is available to all persons with an actual need to visit the United States for a brief visit for business purposes.


The B-1 visa may be renewed indefinitely in increments not to exceed five years.


Temporary Intent

The B-1 applicant must demonstrate strong personal and business ties to his home country, and otherwise demonstrate that his visit will be temporary in nature.

Valid Business Purpose

The B-1 applicant must demonstrate a valid business purpose which is temporary in nature, and which is permissible under the limited activities permitted for business visitors.


Limited Stay

The B-1 visa holder is typically allowed to remain in the United States for no more than six months per year. Often the visitor will receive permission to remain in the country for only a brief time, depending upon the particular business purpose at the time of entry.

Not Authorized To Work

The business visitor is not allowed to perform any activity that is considered to be “gainful employment” during his stay. The business visitor is not entitled to be employed in any capacity in the United States.

Activities Limited

The business visitor may not perform any activity that would serve a gainful employment purpose for any company or on behalf of the business visitor himself. Activities are limited to consultations, contract negotiations, and attendance at trade shows and conferences.

Admittance Discretionary

Notwithstanding the possession of the B-1 visa in the visitor’s passport, the inspecting officer may deny entrance into the country at any time. The inspecting officer may consider the nature of the visitor’s purpose, number of previous entries, and length of previous stays in admitting or denying any B-1 visitor.

Family Not Included

Each family member must apply for and receive his own B-1 visa in order to enter the United States.

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